Cardamom Tea: A Delicious and Healthy Brew

The cardamom plant is actually an evergreen plant belonging to the ginger family. All species of cardamom are native to India, which has deemed itself the native home for many other aromatic spices as well. The two most common types of cardamom are green and black cardamom. It is the seeds of the plant that are most commonly used, often times for flavoring things such as various foods and drinks. Cardamom seeds are well known for their warm aromatic scent and flavor. They are most commonly used in the kitchen for culinary purposes since cardamom seeds can easily bring out a strong, distinct flavor into many recipes.

Cardamom seeds can also be brewed into a strong, healthy tea as well. The use of cardamom tea dates back many centuries ago and is recorded for its use in ancient folk medicines. The use of cardamom tea medicinally can help relieve upset stomachs, common colds, and there is even research that this tea may have an advantage in healing certain cancers. Aside from the medicinal benefits that this tea can boast, it has a unique taste that many consider favorable, making it a good brew to enjoy leisurely as well.

Stomach Aches

A wonderful use for cardamom tea is that it can help ease common digestive problems such as stomach aches, bloating, and indigestion. In fact, cardamom has a recorded history dating back 5,000 years for its use as a stomach relieving herbal tea. Furthermore, cardamom tea can help stimulate a poor appetite, ease issues with flatulence, and promote an overall healthy digestion. Whether it’s a major problem or even something minor like hiccups, cardamom tea can have a beneficial effect on any issues that pertain to digestion.


If you’re suffering from cold and flu symptoms such as sore throat, congestion, and coughing, cardamom tea is a tasteful solution to easing these problems and more. It can help clear congestion in the throat and respiratory system, which can also be beneficial for those that suffer from allergies. It may also prove as an effective remedy if you suffer from excess phlegm as it has the properties of an expectorant.


A little known fact is that cardamom tea also holds many antibacterial properties as well. This makes it an excellent astringent when used externally on the skin to help heal cuts, scrapes, bug bites, and other minor wounds as well. Drinking this tea is also good for dental hygiene, since the antibacterial properties of the tea can help freshen breath and help prevent cavities and tooth decay.


To prepare cardamom tea, take one tea bag and allow it to steep covered for 3 to 5 minutes. Mixing a bit of sugar and milk with this tea can give it a flavor that is very similar to chai tea. Be sure to consult with a physician prior to drinking herbal teas if you are pregnant or nursing.

Although cardamom tea is highly popular for its flavor, many more people are turning towards this favorable for its health benefits as well. There are many local stores that sell teas which have a blend of various spices and though some of these may have cardamom as a listed ingredient, generally it is only present in a small amount and the benefits can be lost amidst the blend of other ingredients it is mixed with. Finding pure cardamom tea can be difficult to find in local stores, though there are some health food stores that will make it available.

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Cardamom tea is a highly beneficial herbal remedy that is strong in flavor and scent and comes with many great health advantages as well.